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Southwest Swing Day 1

The Southwest Swing is a 10 day road trip to Lake Havasu City, Yuma,San Diego, then... well, we'll see. The purpose? To shake down the bike and trailer, figure out packing, cooking, eating and- well, living, and seeing some friends and relatives.
Nothing like a busy weekend to prepare one for a trip. Today we ran around like chickens with our heads cut off; off to the shop to pick up the bike, a trip to the Verizon store to get a new camera that has so many bells and whistles, it’s simply amazing. Now if I can figure out how to answer it when someone calls. Seriously. In a Murphy’s Law type of way, it rang like crazy too. Back home to pack for the trip while shoveling out the house, as it is listed for rental and someone is looking at it tonight.
Finally loaded for our maiden trip with the new bike. It works beautifully. The 1800 engine makes so much difference with no laboring on uphill stops.
The long cold winter is over. Kidding! This was the mildest season I remember. Today, except for some winds was no exception. Me. Sun was our friend today!
I failed to install the pigtail for the trailer wires sufficiently to the bike, and Sherri spotted the shadow, bouncing and flopping away like a snake with the hiccups. Dangit! Have to find a RV store or NAPA store and replace it. Rookie/ shakedown mistake.
The first layover of our trip is Lake Havasu City to visit Dad. He broke his arm, and at 91, he’s had to slow down a bit. Right. We’re in the kitchen and he says, “I have a meeting tomorrow from 8 to eleven, then I’ll be back. But then at 2 I have to leave to deliver a homily at St. Vincent de Paul.” Try to work us into your schedule, Pops! It is what keeps him young. His doctor told him he has the body of an eighty year old! Funny, mine did too…
In a stroke of brilliance, I recommended we set up the trailer in his garage! Why not? No running to and from the campground to visit the Old Man. Besides, he’s so busy, we need every minute we can squeeze in with him.

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