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Southwest Swing Day 5

Finally a day when we don’t set up and break down camp. Amazing how much time that takes. We talked about how the daunting specter of performing the same ritual, day after day for a year. Two things, however; it will get easier, and it will become routine. And every Sunday we will lay over.
Campland on the Bay is a mini city of RVs, from the giant diesel pushers towing Suburbans to… well… us. The pool, directly behind us, rings with the sounds of children playing in the water, even though it is 65 and overcast. I always say it’s the Michigan people, in the Southwest, and they really believe it is warm.
The bay is mostly mud flats, but a boat launch enables folks to fish, kayak, or paddle the floaty trikes in the placid water. Pretty cool.
I managed to locate a GPS app on the new phone. Amazing how these things spoil one so! We got directions to WalMart and picked up handy things (Windex, a storage bin, some food and placemats, etc.) for our setup. Let me be clear. I love WalMart. Everyone whines about Wally’s World, and the place vibrates with crowds of people buying everything at a low price, which is what they sell. For the people who hate WalMart, don’t shop there. Okay.
Electronics are marvelous things, keeping you in touch just about everywhere. Between the phone, the text and email, I communicated with family, friends, business associates and lawyers. Okay the last part wasn’t so fun.
Tonight we will once again attempt the Bar B Que restaurant. An interesting tidbit on last night’s fish restaurant. They were a cash only facility. It didn’t look like it slowed business any!
Al the local chatter is about the rain tomorrow. I’m of the opinion that we should live one day at a time, and today is a good day to live.

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