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Southwest Swing Day 4

Night time in the mountains is a cold time, and sounding like a broken record, we are ill equipped for cold... once again. No heater, no quilt (yes, the Quilt Lady did not bring one!)and no tiny little heater that would keep those anti- desert rat cold bugs away.
We arrived however, and the night brought beauty too- stars clear and bright, thousands of croaking frogs a few hundred yards away at the pond, and birds chirping at sunrise. A bluejay visited our camp, a fully trained mooch.
Breaking camp, we rode a winding thrill ride to Julian, the apple pie capitol of the world. And they earned it! However, I skipped the apple crisp for the pie, thinking that it was what they are famous for. The apple crisp (choice of the Little Woman) beat the pie hands down.
Julian gets a two thumbs up. High above San Diego, the weather remains cooler in summer for the SDites to escape. It's an old mining town, with plenty of memories restored for the tourists.
Back on the scooter, we wound down to the beaches, a ying to the mountains' yang. Cool ocean air we felt we could drink provided refreshing balance.
We touched down at Campland, nestled on the beach at Mission Bay. We simply set up the tent and headed to daughter Amy and her husband Issouf's house for a get together. After a bit we headed off to South Beach Restaurant in Ocean Beach for the best fish tacos ever. Mahi and Wahoo- delicious! When in Rome...

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