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Life Choices The Event

What does 'Life Choices- The Event' have to do with 'States in 50 Weeks'?
Everything, really.
I contributed to the new book, 'Life Choices: It's Never Too Late.' Judi Moreo, who assembled the talent for the book, organized a seminar and book launch this weekend. My story, titled, 'A Dead Dream Or a Savings Account' chronicles my saga, starting with the first inkling of travelling around the country that I experienced 48 years ago, at the age of seventeen. The story follows the dream as is morphs, dies, resurrects and changes until it reaches fruition this year.
Today, the authors got the chance to speak about their chapter, so I talked about The Dream.
What an awesome opportuntiy to speak to people, get the word out, and encourage others to follow their dreams too.
Special thanks to Judi Moreo, for her wisdom, creativity and drive to make a seminar like this such a success. What a magnificent collaboration of people. And you rock, sister!

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