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Resolutions... or Goals?

Do you struggle with resolutions? Don’t we all. I cannot exercise, just can’t seem to get out there and get after it.
Unless I have a goal. Dirt bike racing? Triathlon? Bicycle event? Count me in! I’ll train, because I have a reason. Kevin Odor our senior pastor, says, “The how doesn’t matter if you have the why.” In other words, if you have a compelling reason to do something (a worthy goal) you can get there.
A friend almost died of liver damage from a lifetime of alcohol abuse. The doctor tested his liver and said he would return in a few hours with results to determine if he should go into hospice or not. He spent the next three hours waiting and thinking about the possible end of his life. And what do you know? He stopped drinking. He had the why. A New Year’s Resolution usually isn’t enough why.
What are you needing? Spiritual maturity? Health and wellness? Job security? Healthy marriage and / or family?
Maybe you need a good why first, then you can figure out the how.
Note: Photos from my first and probably last New Year's celebration on the Strip. 315,000 people!

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