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Armrest Project Completion

Assembling new components on a scratch free bike is daunting, and takes great patience. I'm used to working on dirt bikes, loaded with scratches and dirt (hence the name, 'dirt bike'). With good directions (they were) good components (pretty much), and a great deal of patience, ( I had SOME), the project is complete and looks like a pro did it. I can assure you if a pro did it like I did it, he would have lost a lot of money on that project.
I drug the Little Woman into the garage to climb aboard the Throne and try out the armrests. She wasn't impressed. "D'oh!"
We'll do a test ride to Pahrump soon. I can tell you're jealous. Pahrump.
Next project; the trailer hitch. More at stake. Because if the arms rest falls off, no big deal...

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