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The Project

I pushed and squeezed, twisted and muttered. The bolt needed to be a sixteenth of an inch longer. Welcome to my project, installing armrests (including cup holder) on the new Wing. The frightening part? Drilling holes in the perfect finish of the bike. Also, the dreaded specter of the project becoming a Project.
To insure it didn't become a Project I- wait, hang on a second. If you're male and under age fifty DO NOT READ THIS. Okay. I read the directions. I even checked that I received all the parts. Good start.
Step 2 reads: "Place the Right inside Support Bracket (PIC 1) inside right passenger accessory pocket and push the bracket as far back and to the outside of the pocket as possible (PIC 2). Wow. This contains two PICs. However, this made the project a Project, as I failed to get it as far to the outside as possible. At Step 7, the little tiny sixteenth of an inch gap bit me.
Yet by Step 8, the Right Armrest (including cup holder) sat in place, chrome and leather and beautiful, no erroneous holes or upside down armrest.
Two hours. In the product reviews, people took two to four hours to install both armrests. Now that I know what I'm doing, I can get the second one on in an hour, right?
After Christmas.
The Project continues.

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