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Christmas Shopping

Christmas approaches- quick! What to do? Shopping, of course. And where is the best place to shop? You can't beat the mall.
At the expense of sounding old, I remember dashing from one store to another in chest deep snow- wait a minute. That was going to school in chest deep snow. But yes, it still was deeper than my elbows. We would rush from store to store, braving the weather. Then those clever American mall designers enclosed them, and voila! 'Shop 'til you drop' took on a whole new meaning.
The Little Woman and I shopped at a New Mall this year, with streets and sidewlaks between the shops. Welcome to the 1950s. Who's stupid idea was this? We suffered through temperatures in the low 50s and calm weather. It was terrible. In their defense, the money saved by not lighting/heating/cooling/decorating all that pedestrian area must be significant. I don't care, give me the mall!
Whether it's the econmoy or just time availability, shopping this year has been- brace yourself- a rather nice experience.
Except for a couple of times when women literally cut in on me and took parking spots, people have shopped in a pleasant manner. The clerks don't seem frazzled and spent. Courtesy abounds!
I hope your preparation for Christmas lacks frazzle too. Remember the Reason for the Season, and have a Merry Christmas.

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