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Finding Another Believer

Isn’t it great to find a believer? Whether your passion is motorcycling, hiking, quilting or computers, another zealot makes the conversation sparkle. Last week at the DMV (my favorite place to go), I ran into Randy, a contractor we worked for in Boulder City. Because his number was 2,000 or so to be served, we had some time to talk to each other. After a bit the fifty states trip subject came up.
Randy’s eyes lit up. “I would love to do a trip like that.”
God bless Randy.
Because most of the time, people either think you’re crazy or that it’s an okay thing to do. But an aficionado? Much better.
We sauntered out to the parking lot (he was down to 1,937) and gawked at the reason for my trip to hell. I showed him the storage, cruise control, the fine appointments of the bike. He’s ready to pull the trigger and get a Gold Wing instead of his- ahem- other bike, of Milwaukee vintage. (Sorry.)
I headed home for more paperwork (this time definitely not the DMV’s fault, but mine) and smiled.
Great to have another fanatic/ friend.
Maybe it’s not so crazy after all.
Whatever your endeavor, find a fellow devotee. It’ll be good for both of you.
And the Rant:
12% tax on a vehicle?
Oh, no it’s only 8% sales tax.
Right. 8% sales tax, registration and tabs equals 12%. It’s ALL tax, just wrapped up in different names! And paid for with after-tax dollars.
Well, at least you get something for it. A cool license plate made by prisoners for nothing, a sticky tab, some paper… and a nice long visit at the DMV.
Two days later, Randy’s number is probably 436.

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