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Brian Head Skiing

There’s nothing funner (Funner? Perhaps ‘more fun’) than skiing a run that’s freshly groomed and untouched. Brain Head, Utah provided myriad opportunities for fresh snow skiing.
I pulled into the parking lot on Sunday morning, my third consecutive day and counted. I was the fourteenth vehicle. Amazing. Riding up the lift a mere ten minutes after getting dressed and paying, the run below looked like a newly plowed field. Freshly groomed powder snow! Doesn’t get any better than this.
But it did. Sunny skies, no wind, and Brian Head even provided a freestyle zone, with rails, jumps, and two really large, intimidating jumps One kid performed front flips over it. I accomplished two amazing feats. I jumped and I’m not exaggerating, for a millisecond there was LIGHT beneath my skis. Yes. And I ran my first rail, for perhaps a second. Wow, those things are slick!
Skiing. Lots of it. I did 27 runs with three half day tickets. Ski down to the lift, get on and do it again. The downside of a lame economy is no crowds. Total wait time for the entire weekend, three minutes, counting ski lines and the ticket windows. Unbelievable.
The snow is thin in a few spots, but storms approach, due Tuesday and Friday. More snow. Get on up there! For a half day ($29 weekdays and $40 weekends) Brian Head is a ticket to white powder paradise.
Note: I have cancelled The Monthly Rant because there's nothing left to Rant about. Okay, there is, but not enough to dedicate an entire post to it. We'll continue Raving and Motivational Minuting (minuting?).

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