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50 States- The Little Woman

Who would have thought? The Little Woman is all over this 50 States deal. The surprise is this: First, picture a biker babe. Now, imagine a quilter. They are almost totally opposite. She's a total quilter. Yet she's all in, helping decide on a trailer, planning the schedule, partnering on setups and teardowns and changing oil on the bike(Okay, maybe not).
In my youth and stupid days, the imaginary trip consisted of two young guys, each on their bike. Yet now it's one bike, my baby and me. and the trailer. That suits us both just fine. Last week I realized we would rent the house, so we would burn our bridge. Nothing to come home to early. When I mentioned it to her, she replied, "I never even considered coming back early." Wow. Pretty cool. And she's been through stuff, too. Rain. Hail. Lighting. Scorching sun. Wind. Birds. (Yes, picture 2? That's bird guts splatted on her face shield). And a few low speed tip overs. So it's leathers and Gore -Tex, helmets and gloves, heated suits and cool vests.
Make no mistake, Ethel is coming too. Ethel is her mini-portable sewing machine. She may be a biker babe for awhile, but through and through she's a quilter.