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Life's Curve Balls

Sometimes life throws you a curve ball, and things change rapidly, whether you like it or not.
I multitasked this morning, speaking on the phone while opening a two liter Diet Pepsi. As I got the lid loose and the gasses released, I dropped the bottle in my lap. First, remember I'm scooting around the tiles in an office chair with the broken foot. Instead of simply reaching down and grabbing the bottle I watched as it bounced to the floor and really sizzled, then rolled away, spraying the wall and floor with the sticky brown goo.
I rolled in the lake and picked up the bottle. Half empty. I set the bottle in the sink and looked at the crazy tracks of liquid that tracked off my wheels.
Instead of writing, blogging and working on a speech, I dove into the Pepsi Mess. I mopped up the largest share of the pop, then pondered the dilemma; I needed to wait for the floor to dry, but must clean the walls before they turn to crust. Fine. I cleaned up the walls while doing my best to keep the cast dry. Next I wet mopped the floor.
Because of my limitations, this took over an hour. Why am I writing about this?
Life can throw things at you, suddenly. A Pepsi Mess is nothing more than a nuisance. However, lately two friends have experienced sudden and painful deaths of loved ones. Priorities line up quickly, and not much else is as important as the friends and family around us.
We get caught up in day to day behavior and routine. Let's remember what's important.

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Anonymous said...

LOL! I could perfectly picture your predicament (try saying that 5 times).
Each time I have a soda disaster I'm thankful I drink diet ... at least there's no sticky, sugary mess. ;)
Joking aside, you made an excellent point. Great post!