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Logistics...Like the Dog

So many things can't be put on hold for a one year trip, like the dog. Max has been our dog for ten years, and it simply won't work for any of the kids to take him. (Don't worry, they are ALL out of the will!)
The Little Woman told a friend of our dilemma She loves Max and offered to take him. Okay, that sounds good. She has seven and nine year old boys. Lucky dogs all three!
Then she dropped the bomb.
"Can we get him early?"
Let's set the table here: We love the dog, but don't worship him. You'll never see my glamor shot with the dog on my lap. I won't dedicate a book to him. We don't bring him to the 'barkery' to pick his own food. As far as brushing his teeth, he can do it himself. Get your own opposable thumbs, Max!
He's a dog!
Today, Max moved on to his new owners. Good for Max. Except they have a Chihuahua.
Poor dog.
I told the Little Woman that we got the best years of Max's life, as we rescued him form the pound at age two, trained, shots and neutered. Now at age twelve, he's off to other owners who can watch him deteriorate and age, eventually passing and causing immense heartache.
That's how we like to spin it, anyway.
Contrary to my caveat, he will be missed.
Next week, the house.
Keep it, rent it, sell it, have someone live in it, keep it empty, burn it down? Okay maybe not the last one.


Tim Rockstar said...

We'll Miss you Max! Not your hair, just you. But not you without hair either... you would be really freaky looking all pink and cold...

Anonymous said...

Oh you're killing me!! Thank God you have a wonderful friend to take Max. This would be a tuff one for me. (I plan my life around two cats. Used to be dogs to consider as well.)
But what a wonderful journey ahead of you. Best wishes ... I look forward to reading more. :)