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Now, or...?

The eighties were called the 'decade of greed.' Then what is the New Millenium? It's odd, because wealth kept growing through the eighties and nineties (with a few hiccups). Now we've taken a big hit. It looks like from greed to me.
It's that one little word that makes all the difference.
I want a house I can't afford. Now.
Suppose you have a goal, a vision, a destiny. Something you want. Let's say it's a ski boat. You put a picture on the fridge. Tell the kids what you're looking for. They get all excited. You and the spouse start a money market account. Sock money away. The kids get the fever, mow lawns, babysit and set up lemon aid stands.
Finally, after a few years and a lot of shopping, the family goes out together and buys a boat.
Oh, how sweet. Splashing through the waves. Jumping off the back. Water skiing.
But here's how it goes. Dad decides we need a boat. He goes to the dealer. Holds his breath as they figure out just how much they can finance him. And he gets it. Brings it home. And pays for it for six years. Hopefully, should he keep his job.
Meanwhile, Momma went to the store and found a dress she just had to have, because she's been kinda down lately.
Get the kids more toys, nicer clothes, now we need a bigger house to hold all this stuff, and where are we now?
At the bank. Holding our breath.
Yes! Just barely. We are approved!
Sounds like 2003-2006, doesn't it? Yet I think we still haven't learned our lesson.
Listen to the commercials for loan modification programs, tax negotiators, and credit card forgiveness programs.
Don't forget the paycheck loan centers.
We're still stuck on the three letter word.
We need to make it a two letter word.


Vicky De Leo said...

I agree, but maybe the word should be someday. I believing in dreaming.

Anonymous said...

We are SLOW learners when it comes to holding back on wants. Just read a study that shows $5. more spent in a fast food restaurant if using a credit card vs. cash.
And an all too common response to getting in trouble is "it was not my fault"-it was the bank or the realtor or the mortgage broker or??
Agree dreaming is needed as long as there is reality to go along with it.

Tim Rockstar said...

I have one exception for you!


Is there a credit card I can charge the next one on?