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Getting Back Up Again

First, be assured this isn't about motorcycle racing. It's about getting up again. Have you had a setback? How do you 'bounce back'? Or do you wallow in it, wearing the pity party hat?
Today's Motivational Minute requires you go to You Tube and watch a video. You can either go to YouTube and search 'Chad Reed' and look for 'Milville crash' or copy and paste this link:
It has had over 2.8 million views.
Wow. What a horrific crash, right? Let's review some details. Look at the video at:22. Chad is out. Not for long, but this thing really rang his bell. Now, at :30 on the video, he's back on the bike. In real time, this took longer, but I watched it live and it only took perhaps 30 seconds before he restarted his machine. (Which, by the way, survived the crash too). What happens at :46? He doesn't look back for traffic. First, thank God there wasn't any, and he's getting on the track dead last, in 40th place. Now at :46, he's jumping once again. After being on the track for five seconds!
While the video is compelling yet frightening, the big story is what took place after the video.
Chad passed 25 other riders, to finish in 14th place.
It is staggering.
After the race, he consented to an interview as he sat on the ground, soaked in sweat, looking like he'd been beaten with rubber hoses.
Scary. He didn't really remember the race.
Being a person who has crashed myself, upon impact the body sends the message that it wants to go fetal and not move for awhile. It takes determination to get back up, shake off the pain and get going again.
Chad Reed however is racing at a National level, and is in the running for the championship.
I submit that Chad is racing at such a high plane that it was his subconscious that took over, instructing him to get back on that bike and race.
He's carved the message into the granite of his inner mind.
What's your passion, your goal? What obstacles stop you dead in your tracks? Can you train your mind to drive yourself like that?
I believe you can.
Do you?

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