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Budget...What Does a Trip Like This Cost?

How does one figure out what a one year motorcycle trip cost? There's nothing like experience. Of course one can't take a one year trip to figure costs of a one year trip, but the Little Woman and I have taken a few two week trips, and have a good idea of the costs. Then a little thinking, figuring and extrapolating (big word!) and we have a fair idea of what a trip should cost. Like for instance, the bike gets around 30 MPG. That's a good start. Without boring you (any more, at least), we estimated around 63,700 miles of travel. Gas at $4 a gallon (please dear God, don't let it get any higher!) and the fuel should cost $8,493. Food at $35/day is $12,775, which probably is a bit more than at home. The pricey thing is buying smaller quantities.
Do you realize we'll spend around $800 on ice for the cooler? Amazing.
Lodging we figured five nights of camping and two at motels, average. Fifty bucks a night. $18,250. Entertainment, including a one year pass to the national parks, $3,650. The bike costs, as well as the trailer (tires, brakes, oil changes repairs) totals $10,696. Next is the monthly costs of cell phones, 3G (or whatever that is to make the laptop talk to anyone), clothing, etc is $3,120. Anyhoo, we figured the grand total to be around $56,984.63. Give or take. That's a chunk of change! Yet think about what it costs to live at home. I don't know about you, but we spend more than that.
Yet some costs continue when we leave, like the insurance, taxes, and other nagging things that just keep coming.
We'll talk about logistics later, like what do you do with the house?
Next week: The bike. Keep the faithful Gold Wing circa 1997, or buy a newer one?

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