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What Do You Ask For?

Have you ever gotten something that was quite random, something you asked for and didn’t think how or why? I got quite a treat in Nicaragua, and I never expected it to happen, especially there!
It started years back with the Little Woman and me watching a movie. As the credits rolled (yes, we read the credits, it’s a sign of superior intelligence- or brain damage, take tour pick), I saw a movie job I thought would be cool.
“I want to be the Dolly Grip,” I stated.
“What’s a dolly grip?”
“Beats me. I just like the name. I want to be a dolly grip.”
And so, many years and dozens of movies later, the little Woman has heard me repeatedly state that I want to be a dolly grip.
Fast forward to the Nicaragua trip. We’re at Hogar de Gloria Orphanage, and Trevor and Dan, our video team, are headed to the bean field to shoot a scene. I trotted along, trying not to appear like a pesky little kid, and offered to help any way I could.
“You can be the gopher,” Trevor stated as he handed me a rack so he could climb through the barbed wire fence.
“I want to be the dolly grip.”
Trevor took the rack back as I negotiated the barbs. “That’s funny, because this is a camera dolly,” He said. “You operate this, and you’re the dolly grip.”
So Trevor and Dan schooled me on how to operate the camera dolly.
And so, for a few minutes, in Nicaragua of all places, I got to be a Dolly Grip.
How about that?
Years of stating, ‘I want to be a dolly grip,” and in the remote jungle of Nicaragua, I got the desires of my heart.
Is it a result of positive thinking, training my subconscious to expect certain results, or God rewarding me for serving Him in that country?
I don’t know. Don’t care.
But I got to be a dolly grip.
What do you want to be?

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