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Happy 200th Birthday, Blog!

"Okay everyone, we have the candles on the cake. 200. Wow. Big cake. Let's get them lit. One person on every corner; Tom, James, Colleen, Lars. Okay, then Amy, Sherri, Melinda, and Dad. Go!
Now let's sing Happy 200th blog! Woo hoo!"
Dad wants to make a toast.
"To Blog, your 200th birthday. Congratulations. I remember when you were young and did the dirt bike stories."
"Oh, yes," Colleen said, "The Desert Wildlife."
"Right. The naked guy, the 'coupling couple'..."
"Don't forget the dead guy. June of '08."
James pipes up: "Who could forget Kevin's life of crime?"
Amy smiles. "That was May and June of '10. I remember the trips, though."
I clear my throat. "Hey guys,the cake is melting. We better sing and blow it out."
We sing, and I might add, poorly. But the thought is there. I get the honor of blowing out the candles. It takes four attempts. "Wow. What's a lot of smoke."
Just then the smoke alarm goes off. We move the party outside.
"I'm doing a Rant on smoke alarms," I said.
"Like your Rant on HOAs?"
"And taxes, don't forget."
"Don't get him riled up. Let's talk about the Raves."
Dad smiles. "Yes. MacDonald's sundaes."
"Dave Ramsey!"
"Let's not forget those trips," Colleen said.
The firemen smash the front door with an axe. "Where's the fire?"
That's it.
Party poopers.
I'm going to Rant about them next week.
Anyway, happy 200th birthday, blog.
And thanks for reading along.
Both of you!

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