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Saying Yes

We interrupt this trip for a Motivational Minute. Today's trip blog will appear (WIFI notwithstanding) tonight.
I invited a friend to a movie. Great movie. Inspirational, compelling, and featuring a sport he loved. He declined.
"I haven't been to a movie in probably eight years."
That's your excuse?
Now I know it was just a movie, but the problem is, when you say no, the more often you say it, the easier it is to say.
Conversely, the more you say yes, it can become a habit. A good one.
Instead of listening to the voice telling you why you shouldn't, you need to exercise the yes voice.
Not the voice that wants to kill the neighbor's dog. No no. The positive one, the voice that takes you to better places.
An example: I invented The Red Box. Yep, the ones that sit at MacDonald's and grocery stores and distribute DVDs. Wow. I must be rich, right?
Well, I invented it in my mind over twenty years ago. I thought, "Why can't you sell movies out of a pop machine-like thing? Similar to a juke box, but instead of playing records, it rents movies?" At the time, they were VHS movies.
Here' what I did with that idea: Nothing.
But somebody else thought about it, acted on it, and I hope they are filthy rich, as it is a marvelous invention.
It doesn't have to be a spectacular thing, either. Your spouse wants to go for a walk. Your friend invites you over for coffee. A neighbor says hi and the little voice says, 'Stop and talk to them.' Sending a card to a loved one. Dance lessons. Writing poetry.
We think a lot of wonderful thoughts. But is that all they are? What does Nike say?
Just Do It.
Say no to no and yes to yes.
Now about the neighbor's dog. Put down the baseball bat and stop staring it it. They perceive that as aggression. Good. Step away from the bat. Find a therapist. Good. Good.
Focus on the other voice.

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