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Colorado Days 9 & 10

Good news! You get two days for the price of one on this blog. Actually, WIFI issues once again, and a thousand pardons...
Saturday took us to Al And Louise, old friends from Vegas who moved to Aurora CO. Al is battling cancer and had a huge tumor removed, and I'll spare you the gruesome details. Next is another round of chemo, where they poison you and hope the cancer dies first. They live in a nice retirement community with a bajillion amenities. Somehow we are eligible to live there, even at our young age. I just don't get that.
After traffic headaches (on Saturday afternoon?) we traveled to Fort Collins to visit Rob and Gretchen, another pair of old buds.
Fort Collins is a pretty little town built with wood, clapboard and asphalt shingles. The grass is green and long, the streets wide, and the people are on bicycles. Not all of them, but lots of them. Colorado must lead the nation in bikes per capita.
Rob and Gretchen live high above F.C. with an eagle's view of it and a panorama of the Rockies from the opposite side. Except for chirping birds, the place is super quiet.
Rattling up their dirt road (not on the bike, thankfully) the heart rate slows. Pine trees blanket the countryside, and cabins (houses really) dot the landscape, few and far between.
Bonus time! We stayed at their house and slept in a bedroom, complete with a bed. Woo hoo! And they even fed us. We may just move in.
This morning we accompanied them to church, Summitview Christian Church. Definitely good for the soul. Too soon we wound our way up to Estes Park. The rivers are running high, dumping excess snowmelt from a bountiful winter.
At the campground we ran into a couple that just returned from an Alaska trip with a Trailmaster pop top like ours, only smaller and ten years old. Very encouraging. Cindy rides a Can Am trike, towing a storage trailer and her husband rides a V-twin, pulling the popper. They are four weeks into a six week adventure, hailing from Texas. Y'all.
One more day, one more adventure.

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