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Hats off to... the 2006 Yamaha R-6!

I don't blog much about the R-6, probably because I don't ride it as it was intended. That's winding it out, the engine screaming until it reaches 16,000 RPMs, sounding like a hive of angry bees. Then the bright shift light flashes from the right side of the dash, and another shift, the engine rapidly reaching shift status again. Lots of gears, too. Six of them.
Real Estate is moving by quickly.
I call the R-6, "40 miles per gallon with a fun factor of 10."
The reason I don't ride it as intended, as I would either get big tickets or get killed.
But what fun. When the engine screams, it sings a song. The song says, "I was made for this."
Handling is another story.
Blast into a turn and lean over until your knee drags the pavement.
Your knee.
Certainly not mine!
I need to take the bike to the track, that's all there is to it.
It's funny, I didn't want to because it didn't have a scratch on it. Due to a couple of unfortunate events, one by me and one by another, the bike bears a few scratches.
So, why not?
The bike is pretty, with yellow pearl paint and black and white accents, specially done for Yamaha's 50th anniversary. The paint is a throwback to the 70s,(not exactly fifty years now is it?) and I owned a bike that color, sans pearl.
Since I've owned the bike for five years, I can confidently say it is dependable, too. Never been in the shop for anything but service.
In the old days, one sacrificed dependabilty for power.
Seems those days are over.
Tomorrow...Nicaragua. Daily posts, subject to Internet availability.

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