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Big News! 50 States in 50 Weeks

Have you had a lifetime dream, or goal, or simply said; "I wish I had (or would have) done that."
Going back 41 years, Mike Larsen and I watched 'Easy Rider' a terrible movie of two worthless guys (Dennis Hopper and Peter Fonda) bumming around the country on their Harleys, getting high and escaping. We spent hours Senior year, planning on travelling around the country on bikes, just as soon as we graduated.
It didn't happen. Jobs, girlfriends (soon to be wives), then kids and commitments elbowed our dream aside.
I don't know about Mike, but the thought would wriggle into my busy life for decades to come.
Now, at this stage the Little Woman and I decided to do it.
Yep. On a motorcycle. With a pop-top trailer.
We have thought about it a lot, and, stupid us, we still are going to do it.
There are a million objections and new opportunties to this event. What about the weather? We have studied the country and weather, and have what we believe to be the best plan to maximize the best weather for the area we travel. What do we do with the house? Tim and Jamie, with little Lily, will stay there, keep the place up and save money fo rtheir own house. A win-win.
We'll keep talking about it, planning and blogging. April 30, 2012, we launch from home and starting in Utah, zigzag across the country on a once in a lifetime adventure.
Watch for future blogs.
Want to see the schedule? Visit and click on '50 States in 50 Weeks.' Feel free to comment on the trip as well as the new website.


Vegas Linda Lou said...

How exciting! (I just saw Easy Rider last week and you're right--it was terrible.)

................................ Kevin Parsons said...

We'll have all the fun and none of the loser stuff. And hopefully won't get killed in the end.

Ski said...

Looks like fun guys, but one thing is missing, you need to make it 51 weeks and visit the criminals in Washington DC. i know it's not a state, but a great federal prison.

................................ Kevin Parsons said...

Oh, if it really WERE a federal prison! One nice thing from this trip is that we don't watch TV, listen to the radio, or read the paper. I may live two years longer. Sometimes ignorance IS bliss!