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Colorado Wrap-Up

Colorado exceeded our expectations. What beauty! The bike and little trailer performed flawlessly (except a broken speedo... no big deal). The Mutterings: I refuse to believe the planet is so delicate. Signs everywhere...'fragile environment.' Volcanoes erupt, oil spurts from under the ocean floor, wildfires consume millions of acres, and I'm going to trash the planet by veering off the path? Maybe it's that they state it so much and so often I perceive it as nagging. Funny, I consider it a success that I kept the bike upright. But it is so heavy that from 2 mph to zero and zero to 2, it can be difficult. Not to mention gravel, mud, off cambe rturns an dgutters. What a wonderful bike. But it is a beast. Watch for the new wave of trikes as Baby Boomers age. The Musings: I wonder why God made some places so exceptionally beautiful? It's like He rolled up his sleeves and said, "Watch this. You're gonna love it." Why do people pull in front of somone when entering a road, when there are miles of open road behind them? I don't know. I do it too. Must be a fear of being behind. The Rants: Potholes are particularly iritating for bikers. Okay, dangrous. And that black goo they fill cracks in the asphalt? On turns it is slick, and makes one's sphincter tighten. A lot. Campground are usually gravel, and depending on the size, roundness and depth, can be challenging on a beast. The Raves: KOA Kampgrounds are a kut above others. They just Kan't spell kampground. Kouldn't they look it up? Our highway system. Awesome, boys and girls! Who would think you could drive to the top of Pike's Peak, over 14,000 feet in elevation? And now, ladies and gentlemen, the Awards Banquet. The tables are cleared, the glasses are full, and let's toast the winners! Best Service: Runner up, Angela at Diablo's Restaurant. Awesome service, and she brought out this tray of potential delicacies for dessert that took every inch of willpower to say no. And the Winner is: (Drumroll, please) KOA at Cannonville! We experienced electrical issues, and they got right to it. We also lost a light bulb, so they scoured the store and gave us one from the back room. Raise your glasses! Thunderous applause! Worst Customer Service: The campground at Glenwood Springs Colorado. The lady's answer to "Do you have power and Wifi?" "Hasn't anyone heard of the lantern?" We didn't stay there. I don't need to worry if she reads this, now do I? Best Restaurant; The runner up goes to Fatboyz Grillin' BBQ. they featured a rib platter to share that was fall off the bone ribs. My taste buds smile just thinking about it. And the winner is, envelope please: Diablos in Torrey, Colorado. Great food, excellent service, interesting kitchy art, and Angela served us well. I could do without the Voodoo masks. Gorgeous views from the outdoor patio. Stupidest Driver: Honorable mention, the rented RV driver in Moab. Ten minutes to head in to the gas station. Here's how I think the screening goes to rent one; "Have you ever driven an RV before?" "I've never driven anything bigger than a VW Jetta." "Do you know how to use your mirrors?" "You mean to like check my look?" "Can you back a rig like this up?" "I'm not planning on backing it up. Ever." "Here's the keys. Enjoy!" Runner Up, the woman with the SUV backing her trailer in at Torrey. Wow. So many angles, so little success. At least she admitted it and asked for help. And the Stupidest Driver Award goes to: The guy who drove 30 through the turns for ten miles, then when the road straightened, punched it so I had to pass him going 90. You win the award! People stand and applaud! Give him the red nose, big white ears, and giant shoes. "But... I can't drive with these clown shoes on." Exactly. Best View: Drumroll please. No, no that one. The 'Dancing With the Stars' one. Thump thump thump thump... The Arches! Woo hoo! Standing ovation! Great job! Thanks for riding along. Stay tuned for the next adventure of a very different sort. Tuesday 6/21 I'm going to Nicaragua with the church, looking at micro-business start up aid. It will definitely be an adventure.

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