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Colorado Day 13

Entering Utah the land spread in font of us- featureless, flat, arid and desolate. What a change from colorful Colorado. Yet two hours later we entered once again into the red, beige and brown mesas, hills, cliffs and plateaus that define Utah. We climbed again, although 'only' to 9,600 feet. Evergreen trees reappeared and we were treated to a ride through the forest.
Today we paid for our 'sins.' We dawdled with Rob and Gretchen on Sunday, started late on Monday, detoured to Vail and Aspen on Tuesday. Now we must ride, and get some miles in as we head home.
We left at nine and arrived at the KOA in Cannonville- outside of Bryce Canyon- around seven. Knock off an hour for lunch in Torrey, and it became a nine hour ride.
Speaking of lunch, the Diablo Cafe in Torrey rocked! Sherri had a Cuban sandwich and I enjoyed a quesadilla. Excellent food and dining outside with a Utah cliff view. And Angela not only served us well, but endured my harassment with grace.
I believed today would mark the end of any cold weather, but the higher elevations cooled considerably, and the night air chilled as the sun bade us goodbye. Yet tomorrow, the desert awaits. An interesting thing about motorcycle camping is that you are pretty much outdoors all the time. Yet the riding is experiential vacationing. That is, the hay smells sweeter, the cows smell... uh, more, and the big rig that just passed the other direction warns of an upcoming steep hill, as one can smell his brakes. You are one with your environment, as opposed to driving in an air conditioned car, where the environment is shot on video and played on the windows.
Another fine KOA camprground awaited, and after figuring out some power issues (thank you KOA people!) we settled down for the night.
One more day, one more adventure.

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