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How do you celebrate the wins, the good jobs, the victories? No matter how small, it’s good to pat yourself on the back, or to be gracious enough to allow others to do the same.
I raced a Grand Prix race this weekend in Utah, and learned something. Usually I get great starts. Friends have heard me say, “I usually get a great start, then steadily and methodically work my way to the back of the pack.” While funny and true, it isn’t very positive.
This start, I got stuck on the gate and was the last one into the first turn. Off to a bad start! However, I passed people left and right, just after the second turn. My mental attitude was backwards, and I congratulated myself every time I passed a racer. By the second lap I paced a 40 year old guy. Very cool. On lap three I congratulated myself on tiny improvements. “That was the fastest you’ve done that turn.” “You picked a great line there.” “Wow! You flew up that hill,” And so on. It made for a great race.
Do you celebrate the victories, great and small? The team at work negotiated a contract. Throw a party! You answered your spouse with maturity and poise- something you’ve been struggling with. Pat yourself on the back. Lost a few pounds? Peel a grape and eat it.
The race results? Passed some people. Won my class. Woo hoo!
Time for a hot fudge sundae at MacDonald’s!

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