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Happy Easter and Hot Dogs

How was your Easter? Holidays may come with high expectations, and as a result, some disappointment. This Easter found the Little Woman and me in a different situation. With four kids and six grandchildren, only Jonathan made it to the house, and for just a few hours as he headed off to work. Who would think that Levi’s is so busy they must work on Easter? The other kids were all out of town.
So I spent a good portion of the day kicking sticks and whining (mentally) about the lame holiday.
Then I called my dad.
Easter is the Super Bowl for him, being Catholic and an ordained Deacon. He answered the phone, animated. First, he assisted at Mass on Good Friday. The priest and he planned for his help and overcame his disability. Being 90, he can’t kneel and stand back up. So they had him kneel off to the side by a chair. Problem solved. He helped Sunday as well.
Then he visited 14 people at the hospital. Prayed with them. Talked to them.
Finally, Easter dinner with his friend was cancelled, as the buddy ended up in the hospital.
So for dinner Dad had a hotdog. At home. By himself.
No problem, he said, sometimes things just happen that way.
I told him he was my hero.
He told me I was his. He always turns it around.
I disconnected, humbled.
Hope you had a great Easter!

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