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We Don't Need Them Any More

"I can't go in there," the man said. I was in a conference room at a casino, and overheard this exchange.
Why couldn't he go in? The man looked innocuous enough. He carried some sound equipment, apparently for the show.
Was it closed to workers?
Couldn't be.
Perhaps because he was black?
Heaven forbid, it's not the fifties.
Then he explained. "That's another union. My union only covers to here. I can't go through that door."
Oh, give me a break. Welcome to third grade!
More third grade? Often my construction company worked at sites with union and non union gates. "This is mine. That one over there is yours."
First, let me apologize to third graders. You are more mature than this.
How about the union workers picketing WalMart? They don't even work there. I would think if the people who worked at WalMart didn't like their conditions, they would vote with their feet.
Once I dug up an electrical conduit on a construction site. A union electrician came to repair the damage. He left for lunch with one fitting to glue together, a twelve second job.
Nope. Lunchtime.
I glued it myself. He saw me and ran back, screaming at me for doing his job, I wasn't an electrician, blah blah blah. I sat for an hour and a half waiting for them to finish, and they leave when so close to completion?
And firemen? $100k per year, and what don't they do?
Fight fires.
We simply have very few, as houses and buildings are made so safe. They work the system too, for big time pay when they collaborate on days off.
Now this Wisconsin/Ohio thing. Apparently they don't understand, 'we don't have any money.'
Actually, they do understand. They just don't care.
Look what they did to the steel industry, the railroads, and now the auto industry and education system. They would rather crush the industry than capitulate in any way.
Unions were crucially important in the 30's, the 40's and 50's. The common man suffered at the hands of business, and someone stood up for decent pay and worker safety.
Speaking of worker safety, wasn't it Perini, a union compnay, that had 11 deaths on their job site at City Center? Where was the union then? They should have screamed for 2 shifts, weekdays only. Instead Perini worked 24-7 and let them die. Shame on those unions.
Microsoft is the perfect non union model. I lived in Seattle in the 80's and Microsoft treated their people with dignity and respect, and paid them handsomely.
Why not? People trampled one another to work for the big M.
Sure unions still have their place. Those union bosses need to get to those oppressed people and stand up for their rights as hard working people that need decent compensation.
In China.

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