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Las Vegas

Lately I enjoyed a rare moment of walking down The Strip in Las Vegas. I know, it sounds weird as I live here, but I don't visit there very often.
No wonder it's called the entertainment capitol of the world!
Huge screens -some must be a hundred feet wide- promote shows, events, and entertainers. People walk the streets, taking it in. Street vendors do card tricks, music and mime along the sidewalk. The buildings wrestle for attention like first graders that know the answer.
City center, the biggest privately funded enterprise, shines with that 'new dime' look. The architecture is striking. Las Vegas, once again, has reinvented iteself while not really doing so.
So much to see and take in and do. Visit the M &M store, the Coke shop, or rent an exotic car and drive around town with the top down. For lower budgets, hop on a scooter and take it all in without that pesky roof to cramp your view. Enjoy the water show, 10 acres of it, at the Bellagio.
Oh, sure there's the trucks with the signs, 'Exotic Babes Directly to Your Room' and vendors hawking women, flicking cards in your path. Simply ignore that stuff and enjoy the rest. The possibilities are astounding.

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