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Triathlon Training

How do you train for a triathlon? Swim, bike and run. That's what the race consists of, so that seems reasonable.
The advantage of living in Hendertucky is a really close paved bike loop- the River Mountain Loop. This course winds around down through Boulder City, along Lake Mead, climbs up through Henderson, and back to home. This makes for great training with a road bike, as there are almost no flat spots, and plenty of hills. If this doens't make one a biker, nothing does.
The City of Henderson provides a swimming pool for the taxpayers. And what a deal! $2to swim, or half price for elderly folk, over 55. That will work! No wonder the city is broke. Each lap is 25 yards, so to swim the triathlon distance would require 36 lengths, approximately 1/2 mile.
Rounding out the mix is running. Anyone can pretty much run anywhere, but once again Henderson provides hills. The course 'around the block' is approximately 2 miles, and not a flat spot to be seen. The 'down side' (pun intended, you'll see) is the course starts downhill for a third of the route. (Get it? Downside? Downhill? Sorry.) The remainder varies from hills to real live hills. The reward at the top of the highest hill is a grand territorial view of Henderson and the Las Vegas valley. Mountains jut up on every side- Mount Charleston, Sunrise Mountain, Black Mountain, and numerous unnamed baby brothers.
What else can you say about running? Runner magazines over twenty years old publish monthly issues. Their articles must read like this:
"Get ready to run. Stretch. Run. Stop. Stretch."
The triathlon consists of 750 meters of swimming in Lake Mead, biking 12.4 miles, and 3.1 miles of running.\rage. It should be interesting. Certainly less risk than racing motorcycles. Can't imagine breaking anything except a sweat.

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