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Hats Off to... Von's

We moved to Henderson, and the closest grocery store is Von's, on the corner of Horizon Ridge and Horizon.(What city planner approved those street names?) Me being a man, and even more so, couldn't care less, a store is a store. Walk in, grab something, pay, and walk out. Quite simple. However, when I walked in to Von's, a woman greeted me. Which isn't really unusual either, except they are paid to do it, and usually it is obvious. However, she said something amazing. Brace yourself. After greeting me, she said:
"Can I help you find anything?"
Wow. Amazing. Remarkable.
The first time I walk into a new store, and yes, I could use a bit of help.
Very nice!
Checking out, the bag boy (a teenager, so you know what you can get) noticed my Jackrabbits hat and struck up a conversation about motorcycles.
Wow. Amazing. Remarkable.
What does it take to be a cut above the others? Very little, really. Both people were working. The woman took probably a minute to direct me to my purchase. The bagger? It didn't cost him any time, and almost no effort. Yet the customer leaves with a good feeling about Von's.
How many times do we walk into a store and see people doing their jobs- or not doing their jobs- and we could use a little help?
Some fast food places drive me crazy. Look behind the counter, and six ppeople work at their stations, and don't even look up. And I stand on the opposite side, waiting for someone to help me.
But five of those people? It's not their job. Couldn't one of them say, "Hang on a second. I'll get you some help."
I've wandered through big box hardware stores, both blue and orange, and seen people either wandering about working or standing around, and they don't ask if I need help. Almost everyone needs help in the big boxes.
It takes very little effort to make a very big difference.
Not only in stores, where I like people to wait on me, but in life, as I relate to others.

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Amy said...

Great comments and so true. When you receive that little bit of extra attention, it really makes a difference in your perception of the whole shopping experience in that store.