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Saugatuck, Zeeland Michigan

This week I travelled to Zeeland, Michigan for a board meeting of GLOW GLOW has a mission presence in Haiti, and has for decades. Post meeting, I got to travel- a bit- and see a small slice of Michigan.
Saugatuck Michigan looked like a scene from Omega Man. In an instant, people just...evaporated. And they did, really. It is a classic tourist town, hugging Kalamazoo Lake. So the day school opepend and the sun left, so did the tourists. Now with driving rain soaking the front of my pantlegs, any remaining locals have disappeared as well. The gray lake matches the sky, and autumn leaves swirl and gather at catch basins. Only a few fishermen brave the weather and bob in the rough water. The only other boats remain firmly tied to the docks, a rocking testament to warmer times. The houses along the lake look like old actresses, a lifetime of Botox, facelifts, and enhancements. I walk to the end of the boardwalk without meeting another person. Guess I'll turn around, head back, and soak the other side of my pants. Tomorrow, Chicago.
One more day, One more adventure.

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