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Writer's Conference Final Day

Indianapolis painted itself blue today, as it was the Colts vs. Giants football game, just three blocks from the hotel. Lots of people walk the streets with blue jerseys, street vendors hawk food, and people scalp tickets. A tailgate party is in full swing, and people are ready for football.
The writers are ready for classes, however. Today was jammed with classes, and people were fading around mid afternoon. I know by head did some bobbing in a class or two.
Then the final event tonight was the dinner and awards. Three hours and forty minutes. Sheesh! At the end I turned to Scott who sat by me and said, "Well, it looks like you and I were the only two not to get an award tonight."
FINALLY the event ended, I jumped on the bike and jetted out before the game finished. Whew! Put 140 miles on and got into Illinois, the land of Lincoln.
How was the weekend? Excellent. Great to go and learn, connect, and get inspired to write, write more, and write better.
Okay, time for a little whining about downtown hotels. See the really crappy picture of the bike? Notice it's up on the median between the parking areas? It isn't taking up a parking place. $20.00 a day, motorcycle rate. Gimme a break! And four times I walked up to it and took stuff out of it with no valet checking on me. So what am I paying for? Well, it is covered and off the street. Enough whining. Get over it!

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