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Writer's Conference Day 2

Standing in 'purgatory' as they call it, I nervously shifted from foot to foot and wrung my hands. What's the matter with me? I'm simply meeting an agent and pitching my book. I have sold myself and my products for 35 years, so what's the big deal?
The big deal is I get fifteen minutes, one time a year. Mess it up and take a one year break to think about it. That's what I did last year.
Okay, breathe easy. Relax. It's a regular person talking to another regular person- sort of.
I made two pitches of my novel, 'Silent Night, Holy War' today. One to an agent, and one to a publisher. The good news is the agent requested a proposal. And the good news is the publisher did, too! Very cool. Now I walk a little straighter. Perhaps nothing comes of either one, we are still way ahead of yesterday.
The class sessions are great, too. I am learning a lot. Now I just need to retain and implement them.
Tim Downs spoke before dinner, too. He's written over seven books and won awards. Earlier in life he made a living as cartoonist. So he's funny and entertaining. Mostly he made us think, however, about the importance of the story.
Jesus told stories all the time. And when Nathan confronted David about his sins, he tricked him with a story. Fiction. He just... made it up. Nevertheless, it was powerful enough to trap David and confront him with his sins. Amazing.
Gotta go. Off to another session.

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