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Boulder City Triathalon

Yesterday I went to see my son race in his second triathalon in as many years. It was a beautiful, sunny day, and the contestants raced furiously (well, all the way from 'furiously' to 'somehow finished.') Jamie, his wife and their new young baby Lily attended, along with my wife and Tim's grandpa. We were a four generation cheering throng!
The contestants begin with swimming- 700 metres, which is between a third and half mile. Next, they run up to the transition area, change shoes and bike for twelve miles. Back to transition and then they run for 5k, which is 3.1 miles. Tim took one and a half hours to complete the race. I sat and stood with the others, cheering him on.
So what is wrong with this picture?
I was standing and watching, that's what.
I cannot believe that I watched last year, and this year finds me standing on the sidelines once again.
I have very few regrets in my life. One however, was when the kids went parachuting in Arizona, and I found myself standing on the ground, 'safe', watching them float to the ground.
The kids landed, flushed with excitement as they recounted to one another their exciting experience.
And I just stood there.
Unbelievable! I decided that day that I would be a participant, not a spectator, as much as posible.
And yesterday, where was I?
Violating my 'mancode' to myself!
So, why would I sit out two years in a row? Injury? No. Time commitment? Shoot, Tim with his business, young wife and new baby is the perfect example of a person who could be too busy to train. I have plenty more time than him.
Laziness? Well, maybe some.
But I think it's depression.
First, I'm not moping around feeling sorry for myself. But honestly, I'm pulling out of a depression. Losing the business, losing my job and selling the house take their toll. However, we're settled into the new house, and my attitude is way better than in the past.
But I just can't seem to get going.
Maybe now that I've announced it to the entire world, that will be the motivator. YOU can hold me accountable, right?
Or I'll do what the Nike commercials say;
"Just Do It."

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