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Arizona trip

"Honey, the North Rim Grand Canyon weather report is for a high of 73, and a low of 42."
"That's not bad."
"Are you crazy? We're camping! 42 is ten degrees from 32."
So we're leaving tomorrow morning for... well, we don't know. Could be the North Rim. Or Lake Powell (warmer). Or perhaps Sedona, warmer still. I prefer warmer. Being from Seattle, I am a sun and warm junkie.
This trip is the maiden voyage of the Trailmaster pop top trailer. Fold it out and you have a queen size bed, and a tent area, with a bonus of a cooler strapped to the tongue of it. Very cool. (Get it? Cooler? Cool? Sorry.)
Towing it home, it felt a bit porpoise-y. You've seen trailers that wiggle back and forth behind the towing vehicle. I'll have to see if I can fix that. Outside of that, it hardly is noticeable. You must ride in the center of the lane, however. That will take a little adjusting.
Man, that thing is long! Hooked on the bike, it is as long as a four-door short cab pickup. Amazing.
Anyway, I'll be blogging every day. At least I hope. Do campgrounds have wifi? Beats me. The last time we camped, they didn't. Of course, they didn't have computers, either. We had a motorhome with an 8-track tape deck. What's an 8-track? Ask your dad. Okay, ask your grandfather. Now get off my lawn!

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