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The trailer

xxxxxxxxx This is new and exciting. A little trailer that follows your motorcycle, then pops up and out to become a tent with a queen size bed, off the ground. These modern enginers are really clever. When one has mastered the technique (which we have not!), the thing can be erected in a few minutes. Then it becomes a bedroom, living room (sort of), and a storage place. It boasts a tub in the bottom of it to store stuff, and a cooler is attached to the tongue. All the comforts of home. Okay, no heat. Or A/C. Or running water. Or electricity. But still, it is shelter, right?
Travelling by bike is one big great outdoor adventure. And this setup is exactly that. While it keeps out the sun and rain, some wind and (dear God no!) snow, really you are still outdoors. However, if the campsite is near a babbling brook or rushing river, you are there. And if Scar Bear atttacks- well, forget that part.
So the Little Woman and I are going on adventures with our Aspen trailer.
I spent the money on optional trailer brakes. So we installed a trailer brake modulator on the bike, just like on a pickup. Because I like to stop. The experts claimed I didn't necessarily need trailer brakes, but in a panic stop situation, I'd appreciate the trailer staying behind me, no criusing around the the side.
I'm jonesing to take the thing for a spin, but need a trailer ball, title, and license plate.
Oh, goody.
I get to go to the DMV.
I can hardly wait.
Wait is the operative word.

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