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Father's Day Thumbs Up

“Go ahead, Kevin. You first.”
Really? Chris Jacot has never let me go first. And if we’re riding anywhere, at any time, and I happen to take off in front of him, he will, in a small space of time, pass me. It’s a guy thing. Got to show the others that you are The Man.
So, I fired up my bike and took off in front of him.
Since we race bikes, it makes for a good, competitive guy. Chris is definitely that. He says, “I like to compete in sports where there are consequences.”
“Lawn bowling,” I replied, “has consequences. You could lose.”
He shook his head. “Not enough consequences.”
The WRF 450 is running great, we’re zipping up dry washes and single tracks, and Chris is following. Incredible! Another comment today:
“Man those whoops are sketchy. We used to fly over them. Now it seems like any little twitch, and you are off the bike.”
Well, he’s right on, there. I’m still ahead of him.
Today, riding with Chris Jacot is really special. It’s Father’s Day morning, and our patient and understanding wives let us go out and play, doing our favorite thing, run around in the desert like a couple of kids on dirt bikes. But Chris makes Father’s Day really special. Because he’s a dad like me?
Yes and no.
He’s a great dad. He’s a fine dad. And he’s an Extra Innings dad. That is, he’s raising his nephew and nieces. He and Terry adopted the three kids after the older children were grown and gone. So, in their forties, they started all over again. What super parents.
He’s still behind me. In fact, I have to stop to let him catch up. Wow. Maybe maturity is raising its ugly head. I don’t think so. It won’t be long; he’ll be riding like an idiot again. We stop for a bit and he goes first. He’s moving pretty good, but not like the wild man he used to be.
Funny what a knee replacement surgery can do to a guy.
Happy Father’s Day to everyone, and a tip of the hat to Chris Jacot.

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