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Router down!

Yesterday, I spent four and a half hours, five phone calls (one for an hour and ten minutes before I dropped the call before finishing- grr!) getting my router/modem fixed. Most of that time was spent training Kevin (that would be me) to be a router/modem technician. Apparently, every thirty days I'm supposed to reset the router and modem. Ho would I know that? They just sit there mutely with their green lights illuminating like Christmas and... work. Well, until yesterday.
Actually, part of the time spent was signing me up for a 'service plan.' Grrr again! I don't mind paying for a service plan if I bought something. But I pay for these things every month.
Anyway, I am becoming more technologically adept. Should there be a problem next time, I can at least make some attempts at repair before calling a friendly service person in Ohio. At least they weren't in India. Their English language was rather suspect though...
One weird and scary thing happened. One of the army of people who attempted to help me asked my permission, got me to find an agreement on my screen, then took over my computer. While that's really cool, it's pretty intimidating. Someone, anywhere in the world, can 'grab the wheel,' if you will, and drive the car. Amazing, but scary.
Okay, deep cleansing breath. In with Jesus, out with Satan. Routers and modems are good. It's just when they quit they are bad, and that isn't very often. It's still amazing what we can do with computers.
I'm afraid this is going to have to be the Monthly Rant. If you were waiting patiently for 'Water Saving Toilets; The End of Civilization as We Know It?' I have this to say to you;
'Your call is very important to us. Please stay on hold and...'

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