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Bryce Canyon- Wow

During our three day visit to Bryce Canyon, the oft-repeated word was, 'wow.' The vistas, the hoodoos, the views, were incredible. Thursday morning my friend Keith and I got up before Sunrise and visited Sunrise Point. (Now that's marketing genius. We figured out, without asking anyone, when and where the best viewing could be found. Likewise for Sunset Point.) The Little Woman slept in, believing we lost our minds. Arriving at 5, we beat sunrise by a mile, and stationed ourselves with two other stalwart photographers. Keith assured me the best colors happened quite a bit before sunrise. Man, was he right! Long before the arrival of Mr. Sol, we were rewarded with exquisite colors- hennas, rust, fuchsia, cinnamon- unbelievable. Nervous energy sent me hiking. I trekked down into the canyon along a trail, and every turn of the path generated more staggering colors and shapes. Each curve ahead beckoned, promising more beauty. Sauntering on, I looked to the horizon to see Keith silhouetted against the dark sky, clicking away with his two itinerant friends. As Mr. Sun continued his promised arrival, the colors turned to pinks, ambers, champagne. Shadows deepened, giving depth to the crevasses and crannies. At last the sun made it's grand entrance, and the colors, while gorgeous, became muted. Looking up, I saw people standing shoulder to shoulder with Keith, taking shots. "You missed it!" I wanted to yell. Funny, because they were seeing it. But they missed the best. Perhaps the early bird really does get the worm.
Later we met Darrah and her pit bull, Bogart. She is an itinerant traveler! She drove from Florida, alone with Bogart and is enjoying the West. They camp and are hitting the big ones- Zion, Grand Canyon, Bryce, the Arches, then off to Colorado. She's pretty much following her nose.
Bryce is a salad bowl of people- Germans, Asian, French, Aussies, and of course Americans. If you haven't seen it, what are you waiting for? People come from all over the world to see Bryce, and it's in our backyard. And of course, it is- it really is- wow.

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