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Death Valley

If you ever want to go somewhere really different, take in Death Valley. This place is amazing. Rocks evey color imaginable, a dry lakebed of salt, so white your eyes ache, and colorful stories of pioneers, innovators, and con men.
Scotty’s Castle, for instance. First, it never was Scotty’s, nor did he build it. But Scotty’s personality, as large as his tales, became big enough to dominate the name of the building he only visited. The borax mines give one pause, as they fill the mind with man’s struggle against the formidable opponent of nature. Truly an example, as they say, of when ‘men were men.’
The landscape is as varied as the modes of transportation. Last weekend hosted a Viper club, driving around in their sleek, fast sports cars. Going in a completely different direction (literally and figuratively) was the Land Rover club, the dust coating their boxy rigs,a testimony to their adventures. A Los Angeles Harley club held their twenty fifth annual run to the Lunar Landscape. In stark contrast to the black and chrome, the Little Woman and her driver stood out like a sore thumb, the white Moto Bago parked among the Heavy Metal Thunder. Actually, the riders are mostly doctors and lawyers, getting away for a weekend, playing dress up.
So, what’s stopping you? Go. Go on, shoo.