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Alaskan Adventure Day 3- Denali National Park. 34 miles, 120 bus miles

We toured Denali National Park via bus, and being 6 million acres, saw a small part of it. The park is bigger than many states.
All us tourists riding on the bus watched for wildlife, and had permission to yell 'stop!' should we see something of interest. So if a person saw a caribou or bear on a hill 7,000 yards away, we would stop. "Look! It just stood up!" Sorry, I'm a bit of a cynic. It's a spot on the hill! We did get close to some bears however and it was, I admit, interesting.
The mountain eluded us, as when we approached the viewpoint after trundling along the side of cliffs for 60 plus miles, the fog set in, and we couldn't see much of anything. The rest of the park rewarded us however, laced with birch and spruce, with snow drooling down valleys like melted ice cream.
We touched down tonight at Henry's Coffe House and Earthsong Lodge, where John treated us to a slide show of Alaskan life, showing over three decades of beauty, flora and fauna. He is a retired park ranger and runs the cabins as well as sled dog guided tours in the winter. Man, that sounds fun.
Love to write more, but getting wifi requires sitting outside at a picnic table and I overheard the mosquitoes plotting to carry me off intact and sucking my blood in a remote location. Like this isn't remote?
Tomorrow, off to Fairbanks and the Yukon River.


Sherry Carter said...

I would love to be with you on this trip. I'm enjoying your posts.

And...I thought only the mosquitos in Houston plotted like that!

Kevin Parsons said...

A bumper sticker today read, 'There isn't a single mosquito on the Dalton Highway. They are all married, having many children and having a great time.'