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Alaska Adventure Day 6- Tok to Valdez, 340 Miles

We mixed it up with pavement and dirt today, the Nebesna Road taking us into the Wrangell-St. Elias National Park, the largest in the country. The road started as pavement and soon switched to dirt, hard packed and mostly smooth. Mel told me to ride as fast as I wanted, so they could stay out of my dust. Sweet!

We rode approximately 42 miles into the park, seeing mailboxes and occasional cabins along the way. Apparently we rode into and out of the park. Repeatedly.

Afterwards we headed west and south to Valdez, a bit disappointing as the clouds and rain tinted the gorgeous views with cold and grey. Mel once again rocked it with a nice cabin on a pond. Actually, it was more of a puddle.

The Halibut House served up it's namesake, fried, moist and flaky, a tastebuds delight.

Other things happened today, but I'm sworn to secrecy by a member of our group, and will disclose the event after the trip. You'll have to live in suspense.

We crashed into bed looking close to midnight, a long and tough day.

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