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The Planter Project

"You're going to be bored silly at Mother and Daddy's," Quilter Girl warned me. Her dad got stomach cancer, so we decided to get up there for a visit. We sat at the airport and waited for our flight to Seattle. I imagined sitting in their family room and watching the clock tick. Tock. Tick.
However, Dad had plans. Even with his limited strength and endurance, he decided we could build a planter box/bench combination that he's famous for. As soon as we arrived, he was ready to hit the garage and get started.
I'm a wood rookie. I like wood, but cutting it straight, screwing it together and making it look better than a second graders' awesome idea seemed daunting. However, he pointed me to the correct tools and guided the neophyte.
We cut and stapled, glued and screwed. He seemed to favor a lot more screws and glue than me, so I believe we have an invincible planter and bench. Cedar, stainless steel and stain will keep this puppy around for quite some time.
We finished it and what do you know? It looks pretty good. Dad said it was the best one he's built so far. Really? Yep. Why is that? "Because you are more meticulous than me." I am? I'n not sure my name and meticulous have ever been used in the same sentence, but since being a rookie, I took my time.
What a pleasant surprise, a possible boring week that became fulfilling, crafty and productive. Add to that it's going to make a wonderful gift, that's the frosting on the cake.


Mel said...

Well, Quilter was partly right about being "bored silly"... You weren't bored, but that probably didn't stop you from being silly. LOL

Kevin Parsons said...

Maybe I could be a carpenter. And maybe pigs could fly. but I CAN follow directions, thanks Phill Thorleifson!