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Book Launch!

Big news! I've released '50 Stories in 50 States, Volume I'. This includes the Great Lakes states and the Northeast. The book contains ten short stories in ten states, some fiction, some historical, some with humor, some with drama. If you're a math whiz, that means this book is book one of five. If you're not a math whiz, this is book one of five. Each book will release every month.

The book is electronic and available through Smashwords. You can go to, and search for '50 Stories' or by the author's name. That would be me. Uh, Kevin B Parsons. Or copy and paste this:

It's available in text, PDF, Kindle, and a few other unintelligible formats. Something will work for you.
The book is available for prerelease and will be available on February 28th. Here's where I could use your help. If you and your friends order it (for free!), it generates interest and moves the book up among the others and it becomes more visible. I'd be honored if you ordered it now. Thank you.

It can't get any easier!

Now for the really good news. The book is free! I know, I already said that. Yes, absolutely nothing. It can't get any better than that. I suppose it COULD, if I gave out a new car for everyone who bought the book, but that ain't happening.

Thanks for following, and thanks for ordering.


Mel said...

I'd BUY the book if you'd give me a free car with the purchase but, since there's no free car deal on the table, I'll settle for a free copy of the book!
Oh, and one more thing... THANKS!

Kevin Parsons said...

Thank you! The car is on the way. Wait by the mailbox. Wait...wait...