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Obamacare III, the Saga Continues

Today I logged onto the healthcare website, no problem. Awesome. I hit the 'Resume' button and it remembered me (a wonderful thing). Weaving through a bit of junk, I got to the answer page. I am eligible for Medicaid. Apparently I am old enough or poor enough or old and poor enough. Meanwhile, it indicated my wife wasn't eligible for anything. What?  Shes' not in prison (one of the questions) and she didn't commit perjury on the form (a threat, you commit perjury and you are screwed!), so why not? I thought Obamacare was for every single living and breathing human being. I ran downstairs. Yes, she was still living and breathing.

No matter, I decided to move along. I checked a box for a plan and another box came up, indicating I was eligible for SNAP/TANF. No idea. I hadn't seen these letters anywhere during my application process. Now I was afraid. What would SNAP/TANF do? I figured it was some punishment for my moving ahead without my wife. Wracked with guilt, I stopped and found the 'contact us' button. Hit it. Asked the question; Why is my wonderful wife not eligible? What could she have done wrong?
Soon I got my answer. 'We have received your comment and will reply in the next two or three days.'
I'll wait.

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Mel said...

Janet (who commented on last weeks blog) seems thrilled with Obamacare. Perhaps you should ask her to help you.