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My Personal Saga With Obamacare

I've seen so many horror stories about Obamacare, I decided to try it out for myself. We've had inadequate healthcare coverage since we started the '50 States' tour, so let's give it a shot.
I got right on the state website. No sweat. The website took me through one page at a time, fill in the blanks and hit buttons to move through the process. I realized I needed my tax return to fill in a lot of blanks. They asked a plethora of questions, and while they don't ask about pre-existing conditions, they asked me if I smoke. So apparently a person could be suicidal, mentally ill, morbidly obese, or in the middle of a million dollars of cancer treatments, but if he smokes, he's going to be discriminated against. Not a pro smoking guy, but the only thing that they discriminate?

After forty five minutes or so of answering questions, it took me to a summary page and I realized I misstated something on the first page. To return, one must hit 'back' on every single page, wait for it to load, hit 'back' again, and so on. I fixed my error, then had to hit 'next' and go through every page once again.
Finally, it provided options: I could buy the cheapest plan, for $706 per month for the two of us, with a TWELVE THOUSAND DOLLAR DEDUCTIBLE. That's not health care insurance, that's a joke! I scrolled down through other options and the rates went up while the deductibles went down, until I could pay $1,500 a month with a twenty-five hundred dollar deductible. It seems to be like Obamacare promised lower rates and is not delivering.

I clicked on a choice and the red lettered words declared; "We are unable to process your application now. Your information is saved. Please try later." An hour and a half, zero results.
That's my personal experience. This isn't politics. This is a guy applying for healthcare.


Janet Coursey said...

I got through it no problem. $179.00 a month, $500.00 deductible and free dental coverage. Not sure if it has to do with income, but when you don't have much, it doesn't take long to fill out. I didn't have to look for my tax returns, $20,000 a year, pretty easy to remember, just not easy to live on when house payment is $1,300 and medicine is $800.00. You do the math, without Obama care, we will lose everything, with it, you'll pay more than you think you should, but it's never going to be a win win. with or without it.

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