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Oh, The Cars! The Gorgeous, Beautiful Cars!

My good friend Mel Nason recommended I visit the LeMay Auto Collection ( while in the Pacific Northwest, so I violated my conscience and listened to his advice.

Harold LeMay made a jillion dollars collecting garbage (thank you everyone for your contributions) and spent forty years collecting cars, amassing over 1,900.  The Collection features around four hundred or so, wonderful cars, consisting of collector cars and trucks, a few motorcycles, some construction equipment and memorabilia. But the biggie was cars. I highly recommend the tour, should you be in the Seattle/Tacoma area. Without further comment, I give you a few pictures:



Mel said...

Glad you enjoyed the museum, Kevin. I thought I heard Harold had over 3,400 motorized vehicles in his collection at one time, so one of us is off by only 1,500... but who's counting???

................................ Kevin Parsons said...

I counted and lost track at 436... Or 346... Or something

Mel said...

What's 1.5k among friends, anyway?

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