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Beat the Waiting Game

Last week we worked on the dam removal as much as we could. The trackhoe wasn't enough to remove the concrete  walls, one three feet wide by nine feet deep, another two feet by four feet deep. We'd have to wait for a hoeram, a trackhoe with a jackhammer attachment. Nothing to do but wait.
I better do something, anything. I looked at the shorter wall and decided to get astride of it with the trackhoe and  try. I dug both sides out to ease any resistance and reached under it with my bucket and tugged. Nothing. I dug around it more. Wiggled the bucket under the concrete. Nothing. Moved the machine closer for better purchase and tried again.
It wiggled.
If it would move, it would move more, crack, break, and come out of there. Yep, I worked it and worried it until it broke loose. Soon I had a chunk of concrete, four tons or so, dragged out of the hole. I broke out another chunk and used one as a wrecking ball, dropping it on the other one to break them both down.
At lunch Mike, my coworker, related a story about his first job. His boss came into the car repair shop to see Mike watching TV in the waiting room.
"What are you doing?"
"Waiting for some parts."
With hands on his hips the boss said, "We don't wait here. Do something. You can sweep, clean up the restroom, restock, empty the garbage, anything- but we don't wait. The next time you wait you'll be fired." Mike got the message, jumped up and got to work. Decades later, it still stuck with him.
What are you waiting for? The economy to turn? Prices to rise or fall? The best deal ever? Less risk? More return? That phone call? An apology? Justice? No one's going to fire you (unless you're waiting at work like Mike did), but you're not going to get anything done, either.
Do something.


Mel said...

Thanks, Kevin. You know... I've been waiting a long time for advice so, um... concrete.

................................ Kevin Parsons said...

I went out for dinner tonight and spoke to my waiter about it.

Mel said...

Wait!!! Whaaaaat???