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Libby on Parade

After running almost every day for a year, Libby's been feeling neglected. I decided to enter her in the Duck Creek Village Annual 4th of July Parade. We rode the thirty miles to Duck Creek (a mere warmup for Libby) and got in line. Being a village, Duck Creek knows how to throw a parade. Just bring something, anything that rolls, and decorate it in red, white and blue. They don't have a Parade Marshall that just got elected, and flush with power, runs up and yells at you, ”Move closer to the Jeep in front of you,” then frowns at your ride, his demeanor saying, 'That's the best you could do?'
No, we just lined up, one behind another, a cornucopia of travel,  RSRs, UTVs, ATVs, quads, pickups with trailers a boat and even a wagon. The d├ęcor ran from a kid on a sport bike with an American flag sticking out of his shirt to rigs that look like they ran the store out of red, white and blue.
The parade runs through town, around three blocks, then turns around and runs back again. Otherwise it would be too small. The participants are about the same in number as the parade watchers, with kids throwing candy to the friendly observers. Occasionally it looks like the candy is thrown with a bit too much fervor and people dodged for cover. Fortunately, no one returned fire.
There's nothing like an Independence Day Parade to reignite your love of country. When you see a pickup truck with patriotic slogans made with blue masking tape, you want to find George Washington or Patrick Henry and shake their hand.
Libby looked great, since I gave her a bath before going. However, even with her colorful vinyl wrap, she looked tame compared to her peers. Next year we'll go crazy like the others. Hope you had a happy Independence Day.


Mel said...

Libby looks so proud to be Amar'can, even though she is an immigrant (Legal, I might add!). I'm sure she knows by now that we're all very proud of her for hauling your two, um... behinds all over this great nation without even one complaint. That, my friend, is true patriotism!

................................ Kevin Parsons said...

And let's not forget the trailer, riding along, the view never changing...
Wait a minute, I DID forget the trailer!