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Bikes, Bacon, Father's Day and Polycarp

To celebrate Father’s Day, our church, Canyon Ridge Christian Church ( a little product placement there- hosted ‘Bikes and Bacon.’ You may ask yourself, “Why bikes and bacon?” and our pastor, Kevin Odor gave the best Father’s Day man answer: “Because.” I took Libby and the tent trailer, set it up and enjoyed meeting old friends. She didn’t mind towing the trailer as it was almost empty, and she got to show off. She likes it when people read her maps. She saw only one sport bike and it sat clear across the patio from her, another good thing.
Nothing like the smell of frying bacon on a Sunday morning. You would think, after a year of travel, I would have brought the camera. You would also think, coming all the way from Brian Head Utah, I would have brought my phone too. Topping off Father’s Day was phone calls from all four kids. Yes, I still call them kids. I’m proud to be their dad. Kevin Odor talked about ‘Tough Faith’ and told the story of Polycarp, an early Christian who faced execution for his beliefs. His captors intended to nail him to a stake and burn him to death. He told them not to bother with the nails, he would stay put. They said he could escape the flames by renouncing his faith. He responded something like this: “He’s been faithful to me these eighty-six years; I will remain faithful to him. The flames I’ll endure will be nothing compared to an eternity of fire. “Light the fire.”
I imagined a classic movie with someone like Sean Connery playing Polycarp and making that iconic statement. I have a new hero.

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